Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment and Therapist Network


Download Your PDF Enrollment and Hotel Materials HERE for the Colonic Network School, in San Antonio, Texas

Registration is available via FAX, USPS or you can scan pages and email them to:


  • Enroll for Class as soon as you can
  • After Enrollment / class is confirmed arrange for travel
  • Book Hotel – Early so rooms do not get filled.
  • Verify with Hotel — shuttle Time (7:40am) to Bring you to our Center.
    If you do NOT stay at recommended Hotel – you must arrange your own transportation to and from center. Taxis or Rental cars may be expensive.
  • Dress comfortable & in Layers. This is TEXAS – We do use Air Conditioning.
  • Special Diet needs should be brought with you.
  • Please respect others and our clients – do not wear perfumes.
  • Please Silence Cell phones during class – Breaks are provided.
  • You are NOT allowed to promote or sell anything – students are here to Learn about Colon Hydrotherapy and will be overwhelmed as it is!
  • Agendas are flexible based on knowledge base of all students in class.
  • Please always Arrive each morning Before Class Time, and arrive Healthy (no colds, coughs, Etc:) with a positive outlook for a fun learning experience.Notice: Pre-Study Guide included with Enrollment is sent by UPS with a LIBBE
    Catalog, Current LIBBE price’s and the complete Plumbing Instructions.
    Other Training Guides / Materials are only provided to students during training.**Contact other schools directly for their enrollment and class offerings

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA – Class II., Medical Systems) LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy Systems also known as: colonics, Colon Irrigation, or high enemas are prescription medical devices and are approved only for colon cleansing, when medically indicated, such as before radiologic or endoscopic examinations. To purchase or use a LIBBE System and cleansing nozzles, a practitioner licensed by the laws of the state or country of the user, must direct the use by providing a prescription. If you do not have a licensed medical practitioner in your area, we will assist you with finding one.

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