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Leasing / Pricing

Call 210-308-8888 during weekday office hours (Central Time Zone)
or Email Current Pricing, Enrollment Application and Purchase / Order documents

LIBBE Training Discounts from $1,000.00 Up to $2,200.00 off each LIBBE!

  • Complete LIBBE Device and/or I-ACT Certification Training at a LIBBE Recognized School
  • Complete LIBBE “Contract of Sale” requirements and Prescription Requirements.(Note: Device Discount is not applicable when instructors travel to train in your facility.)

USA and Canada – GREAT NEWS!
And its Easy!

100% Financing Available!

1. Complete one page Application (Email for application)
2. Only takes few hours to receive a response
3. New or Manufacturer Re-Furbished LIBBEs

Approval may also include shipping, installation, software,
sales tax for those in Texas, and more!

Reduces up-front Capital Expenditures
Added Credit Availability
Less Expensive than Credit Cards
May be Fully Tax Deductible – Section 179
2 to 5 year terms – Easy Monthly Payments

Jacob Patridge, VP of Sales
Centra Funding, LLC
1400 Preston Rd. #115
Plano, Texas 75093
888.779.4629 x 218

We also accept Master Card or Visa (only).

U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA – Class II., Medical Systems) LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy Systems also known as: colonics, Colon Irrigation, or high enemas are prescription medical devices and are approved only for colon cleansing, when medically indicated, such as before radiologic or endoscopic examinations. To purchase or use a LIBBE System and cleansing nozzles, a practitioner licensed by the laws of the state or country of the user, must direct the use by providing a prescription. If you do not have a licensed medical practitioner in your area, we will assist you with finding one.

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