An Annual Web site Listing for Advertisement on with over 450,000 inquiries each month. Listing provides Worldwide clients a source to find you!


  • Therapist Listing …… $100.00(US Funds) with Therapist Name, Business Name, Physical Address, Phone
  • Add your email and website URL +100(US Funds)
    ***includes Google map pin***

Therapists listed on Colonic.Net must be using FDA Class II Colonic Systems, current I-ACT Members and have a current Prescription (Rx); (a written document or order signed by a Licensed Medical Health Care Practitioner (Physician / Doctor) in your US State or Country for International Centers).

Current Listings: We will email you a reminder the month your RX expires. Should prescription expire, and is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, you are placed into an Inactive Status and your listing will no longer show on the directory – even if your listing term is not up. We encourage you to promptly renew your prescription, to continue the technical support and discounts on appliances and parts.

Download Therapist Listing Agreement and RX form