Tiller MIND BODY Inc., the LIBBE Manufacturer and it’s associated Training Centers, offer certification courses for the aspiring colon hydrotherapists and the many worldwide health care practitioners.

Courses Offered:

LIBBE Device Training
Courses usually attended by physicians & assistants. Therapists already I-ACT certified, those for personal home use, or a review by previously trained. LIBBE training is REQUIRED to Purchase a LIBBE System!

    Training Includes:

  • How to use, operate and maintain LIBBE
  • Contraindicications / Sanitation Procedures / Disease & Infection
  • Advertising / Business & Ethics / Business & Legal Aspects / Regulations / Markets
  • You will receive & give colon hydrotherapy sessions and practice on real clients!
  • Meet with LIBBE DesignerFee Includes:
      Advance copy of MIND BODY Study Guide and Pre test; 2-3 personal colonics; 1 lunch & 3 evening soups.

    LIBBE Device Training alone will NOT complete I-ACT Certification Requirements. You may join I-ACT as a Member Only and then complete the additional hours of I-ACT training requirements at a later date.

LIBBE and I-ACT Professional Certification Course
iact 265 hours of Professional Training

I-ACT Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training Course – Cengage Online Learning

I-ACT Professional Online Modules

Colon Hydrotherapy History/Theory/Practice – 30 hours
Anatomy & Physiology – 60 hours
Microbiology – 25 hours
Intestinal Health – Function vs. Dysfunction – 14 hours
Nutrition – 16 hours
Drug Interactions – 10 hours
Business Ethics/Office Procedures – 40 hours
Complementary Modalities – 5 hours
(Note, the Instructor must notify the office when the student is ready to start the Nutrition and Business Ethics courses)

I-ACT Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Training Course – In -Person Training

Office Procedures – 5 hours
Health & Sanitation- 5 hours
Anatomy & Physiology of the Alimentary Tract Practicum- 50 hours
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