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Photo of Norma Jean Herrera %

Norma Jean Herrera %

Colorado Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic
Work 1543 Peoria Street Aurora CO 80010 Work Phone: 720 451-8740

Education Level

LIBBE Certified Therapist
Photo of Jennifer L Vitaro ND > X

Jennifer L Vitaro ND > X

Natural Flow LLC
Work 1739 Marion Street Denver CO 80218 Work Phone: 303 813-1800

Education Level

I-ACT Intermediate Member / LIBBE Certified
Photo of Colleen Dunseth <>

Colleen Dunseth <>

Sound Bites LLC
Work 273 Rivers Road Denver CO 81303 Work Phone: 970 382-8332

Education Level

LIBBE Certified Therapist

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U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA – Class II., Medical Systems) LIBBE Colon Hydrotherapy Systems also known as: colonics, Colon Irrigation, or high enemas are prescription medical devices and are approved only for colon cleansing, when medically indicated, such as before radiologic or endoscopic examinations. To purchase or use a LIBBE System and cleansing nozzles, a practitioner licensed by the laws of the state or country of the user, must direct the use by providing a prescription. If you do not have a licensed medical practitioner in your area, we will assist you with finding one.

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