• Premier Instructors and Schools have purchased current and up-to-date LIBBE Devices for students to train on and will be purchasing.
  • Premier LIBBE Instructor’s are required to travel to Manufacturer Office’s in Texas for Training and attend annual LIBBE Device meetings with Manufacture staff during Conventions.
  • Premier Instructors learn new techniques, manufacture guidelines and advanced skills that will enable them to teach professional standards to today and tomorrow’s health care practitioner’s and therapists!
  • Premier LIBBE Instructor’s are required to only promote and train students on LIBBE Medical Devices.

    For the very best “hands-on” training, be sure to go to Calendar for Premier School locations and class dates.

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    Other LIBBE Recognized Schools

    Although Schools listed as “Other” have Instructors that completed the standard Instructor Device Training, these Schools may not have purchased at least one of the most current and up-to-date LIBBE Medical Systems.
    • Devices built before 2002 have obsolete analog temperature controllers and other parts no longer available.
    • Devices built before 2014 have fittings, hoses, valves and parts that contain lead, DEHP and phthalates.

    Note: Schools listed as “Other” may also be promoting and training on unknown types of Devices.


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